Do you SELF-SABOTAGE in the holidays?

Self Sabotage in the Holidays

Do you SELF-SABOTAGE in the holidays?

Do you eat the box of chocolates instead of having just one? Or do you uncontrollably blurt something out when you KNOW you should just shut-up during Christmas dinner? “Really Aunt Martha, you should pay more attention to your personal grooming than my parenting skills”. Or maybe you drink too much and say “entertaining things”. Or hide out in your house avoiding the parties and gatherings.

Maybe this time of year reminds you of what you miss. Or what you don’t have. Or who you think you should be with.

Ya the holidays can be….complicated. And it can be powerfully magnificent. Often at the EXACT same time. Whatever it is for you I hope you can take time for YOU. To reflect on how far you have come over the last 12 months. And to think about all that you can CREATE for yourself in 2017.

My focus for the next year is on going to be EXPANSION. I am going to focus on learning. Learning how to edit video (I already took a course and learned a shit tonne!). Learning how to better build my business to have a greater impact. Learning how to cook new foods. How to better parent my tween daughter. How to landscape around our house.

I plan on reading more books. That is really high on my priority list. 

And through all this expansion, and learning and planning I KNOW I will get in my own way. AKA. Self-Sabotage. I will make choices that don’t support my goals. I will become stubborn on things and pursue ideas simply to prove myself right (or others…even more dangerous). I will lose my cool with my kids. I will let that dumb ass inner voice of “can you really do this?” screw me over…more than once probably.

BUT! While I might get derailed I am absolutely COMMITTED to not beating myself up over it. I am COMMITTED to being kind to myself. I am COMMITTED to soul-centred perseverance over soul-sucking shame.

Progress over perfection. Yap. I am COMMITTED to that too.

What are you committed to over the next year? I know the whole New Year ‘thang seems cliche but REALLY what better time to press the re-set button and become more focused and intentional about ROCKING YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what you are committing too. Please let me know on Facebook and we can continue the conversation there! 

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Remember…when we share we learn…AND we become more committed too! I adore accountability :)

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