Imagine arriving at the indulgent Lakeside Cove Resort in beautiful West Kelowna BC, Canada with a bottle of wine, a journal and chocolate waiting for you. The room is quiet. An intoxicating blend of peace and purpose. Relax. Rejuvinate. For in the morning you will embark on a journey of CONNECTION with your deepest and most divine life elements of potential and possibility. Together, over 8 hours, we will uncover your truths, devise a plan to embrace your purpose and manifest your MOJO momentum so that you can finally CREATE WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT.covecollage As your SHINE STRATEGY DAY COACH this is what I do. To expertly guide you in the process of connecting with your MOJO (the elements of YOU that fuel you up!). And to strategize with you on how you can LIVE YOUR MOJO in all aspects of your life. This is an INTENSIVE and TRANSFORMATIONAL experience. Be prepared for an emotionally charged and soul-centered heavy lifting kind of day. All in all, the experience is liberating.

Your SHINE Strategy Day Getaway will empower you with:
+Action Steps to move forward with for increased clarity, purpose and direction
+Clarity on how you getting your own way (your self-sabotage go-to’s)
+Greater sense of balance in your life (I will teach you my 13 Elements to Flourish)
+The uncovering of what you really want your life experience to be
+The creation of systems to Rock Your Life (on your terms)
+Connection with and appreciation of your authentic self (what really drives you)

plus POWERFUL& PRACTICAL strategies to help you create more fulfillment and FUN in your life.

SHINE Strategy Day Getaway Fee
May-October: $2700
November-April : $2500

Includes: Pre-session Life Inventory Assessment, strategy-day, lunch, 1 night stay at The Cove Lakeside Resort, YES. YOU. CAN frame, ROCK YOUR LIFE Bracelet, 2 follow up online coaching sessions plus some soulful surprises along the way.

THIS DAY will be a source of ignition for everything you. 

Let’s test our chemistry. I promise I won’t bite. Send me a note and tell me all about who you are, what you want in life and how I can help you to SHINE. No pressure. That’s not my style. Or who I am. The SHINE STRATEGY DAY is a game changer. And a powerful investment. Let me help you to see if it is a step you are ready for.

clarity. courage. revival.
your time is now.



 I need this! How do I go about booking this with you?
Simply click on the orange or purple circle and you will be guided through a form that will help me to know if the SHINE Day is a great fit for you. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. If it is, an invitation email will be sent to you with a PayPal link for payment and for date selection. All Strategy Days are prepaid. Payment secures your chosen day.

What is the Pre-session Life Inventory Assessment?
This is a form I send to you for completion so that we can best both be prepared for your transformational day. You will need to fill out the form completely  and email it back to me no later than one week before your booked strategy day. Don’t worry. All the questions are about YOU. No math included. (although the questions about ourselves can often be the most difficult…the joys of being beautiful works in progress!)

What will our day be like?
Intense & awesome. Selfishly your strategy day fuels up my MOJO as much as yours! We begin at 9 am. Lunch is provided at the amazing Bonfire Restaurant (located at the Resort) around noon. Your day will be jam packed full of wall size post it notes, discussions on what you want, conversations on how you can create what you want, coaching on what it is you really want (and how you are going to make your visions a reality), moments of deep thought, tears of renewal, impromptu laughs, giggles, soul-centred strategizing, snacks and stuff I can’t plan for because our time together is as organic and evolving as you are. Weather permitting we will take a walk outside along the waterfront. This really is a day just for you to claim your personal power and take action towards a more joyous and FUN life.  I leave at 6pm. The evening will be your time to soak in all the amazing work you did that day. Our conversations will continue via your online coaching follow up sessions.

Do I have to book the room?
No. I take care of everything for you on the DAY of our time together. Your Strategy Day includes one night at the Lakeside Cove Resort. If you require additional nights at that resort let me know and I can take care of that for you (you will be billed for any extra night(s) directly from the resort. You will need a credit card for this). If you require accommodation  somewhere other than at The Cove Lakeside Resort you will need to book that yourself.

In the event that The Cove is full for your chosen SHINE date we will book at another lovely location (TBA).

Where is the closest airport?
Kelowna has an International Airport (YLW). Click here for details on The Cove Lakeside Resort and it’s location from the airport (half an hour from Kelowna International Airport, by vehicle turn east off Highway 97 South at Gellatly Rd. Follow Gellatly Rd, down the hill and along the waterfront 1/2 km.) You are responsible for land travel to and from the resort.

What if I don’t like chocolate? Or don’t drink wine?
What? Really? Well. I’ll eat the chocolate. And will bring carbonated water with juice and fun drink umbrellas instead of wine. I aim to please.

What kind of “surprises” are included?
Don’t be a surprise buzz killer. I adore surprises and can’t wait to share them with you.

What is the cancellation policy?
Strategy Days are prepaid and non-refundable. Life happens. I get that. So if you need to reschedule I am happy to do that. Must be within 72 hours however so that the resort can be notified.

Are you fun?
Yes I am. At least I think so.

Why are there two different fees?
Fees vary with the high and low travel season.

Can I bring a friend?
No. This day is about YOU. I know it is UBER tempting but for you to get to your deepest place of authenticity you need to have that space for you. Time alone to reflect on your needs, wants and desires. Trust me on this one.

Do you offer referral incentives?
Yes I do. If you refer someone and they book a SHINE STRATEGY DAY you will be financially compensated. Plus lavished with chocolate. Please be sure your referral mentions your FULL NAME in the booking form.


More Airport Information
Kelowna International Airport is the 10th busiest airport in Canada with daily direct departures to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. As well, the Shell Aero Centre welcomes private aircraft and provides pilot services such as sleeping quarters, cooking facilities and 24-hour customs.

Accessible Flights
Kelowna International Airport, the 10th busiest in Canada, is located adjacent to Highway 97, North of downtown Kelowna. Several air carriers offer regularly scheduled service into Kelowna, BC. Daily, non- stop, direct flights are available from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Seattle.

Car rental, bus, airport shuttle, cab and private limo services are available to take visitors to and from downtown Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon or any location in between.

Kelowna International Airport Terminal (250) 765-5125
Shell Aero Centre (Private Terminal) (250) 765-8155

Air Carriers
Halcyon Air –
Air Canada Reservations 1-888-247-2262
Air Canada Local Flight Information (250) 765-8777
Private Air
Central Mountain Air 1-888-865-8585
Horizon Air Reservations 1-800-547-9308
Horizon Air Cargo Information 1-800-225-2752
Northern Air Support (250) 762-9253
Valhalla Helicopters (250) 769-1486
Okanagan Mountain Helicopters (250) 491-9359
Westjet Reservations 1-800-538-5696
Westjet Flight Information 1-877-929-8646
Wildcat Helicopters Inc 1-877-768-2061