This is my signature program.

ROCK YOUR LIFE is a 4-month online personal success program that will teach you how to GET UNSTUCK. On. Your. Terms. This course offers 16 weeks of LifeTools that will help you move through your life transition STRONGER than you were when you went into it. Time to step up from WANTING to CREATING your best life.

+ techniques to ignite your passion
+ steps to move through your life transition
+ strategies to get unstuck (& gain clarity!)
+ systems to ROCK YOUR LIFE by taking action

The ROCK YOUR LIFE Success Program provides you the practical tools to start doing what you KNOW you need to do to achieve your goals. Do the work. Implement my exclusive strategies. Shift your energy. AND YOU WILL EXPERIENCE RESULTS.

This is my guarantee.


27 Days. 10 Affirmations. Action based “LoveWork”. READY TO CREATE RESULTS?

When you know what energizes you, when you embrace what fuels your passion, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE. This e-course includes 27 days of soul-centred MOJO connecting, 10 powerful affirmations and a series of LoveWork exercises that will shift your life-game from wanting to creating. I know you WANT SOMETHING. That’s why you are here right? You seek change, a shift, a re-direction, a tweak or an absolute overhaul with something in your life. Your desires are real and you know what? YOU DESERVE YOUR DESIRES.

YES. YOU. CAN. Get involved. Practice my Affirmations. Do my LoveWork and you will experience results. Ready to begin?


Level-UP Strategy Day for Entrepreneurs

I totally get what it means to be a busy BUSY entrepreneur while at the same time intuitively knowing that direction and clarity will sharpen your ability to be effective, successful and more fulfilled. I work with people like you to help you with just that by:

  • helping you clarify what you want (in biz and beyond)
  • developing procedures/systems for you to move your business forward
  • developing your brand voice and product offerings to best attract your ideal client
  • asking the important questions you need to answer for yourself (even if you don’t want to be asked them)
  • biz development and life balance strategies (how to enjoy the journey…yes you can)
  • accountability in your goals (avoiding the squirrel syndrome)

The Level-UP Strategy Day is all about tapping into your specific skill-sets, leveraging your areas of focus and creating systems to help your business grow while living the life you want for yourself. Includes lunch and 8 hours of 1on1 personal coaching and strategizing for your to LevelUP! Together we will create you an action plan around your passion, products, profits, push backs, pull backs and of course…POSSIBILITIES. This totally customized to you day is a hybrid between personal and biz development.

Fee for your own private Level-UP Strategy Day (which is a powerful and efficient kickstart to our time together) is $2000. It includes a pre-session Life Inventory Assessment and two on-demand follow up coaching sessions (1 hr each).



Uniquely designed JUST FOR YOU. Your SHINE LIFE-STRATEGY DAY is the ultimate getaway package of ignited passion and soul renewal. This investment in YOU includes a full day of one-on-one life strategy coaching with me in beautiful West Kelowna BC, Canada. I treat you to a night stay at the Cove Lakeside Resort, lunch, morning light yoga (if you choose), chocolate and a few beautiful surprises along the way. By the end of our day together you will have a personal/professional life plan complete with immediately implementable custom life strategies so that YOU CAN reach your goals and live YOUR BEST LIFE.

Intensive? Yes. Transformational? You bet. EVOLUTION ALTERING? Absolutely.

Chocolate and wine is on me. Of course. Get all the delicious details (including pictures of the amazing resort where you will be staying) . Click LEARN MORE.


YOU WANT SUCCESS and FUlfillment? I can help you with that.

Are you committed to creating what it is you say you want? If your answer is a bone deep, soul-stirring “YES”… I want to work with you.

Perhaps you are an Executive or Network Marketer desiring leadership branding and training. Or in a state of life transition and seeking clarity on what you want and how you are going to get it. Or you may be feeling completely stuck in the here and now with a pulsing need for something more.

For all of YOU I have created my THRIVEN 1on1 Coaching Program. I help you create what you want.