"RYL has been a refreshing reset for me. I've gained a shift in my self-worth and perspective on my evolution of me. This program has given me many insights of what's important in my life and has been a practical guide of discovery. I recommend RYL to anyone looking to make some change!"

daleentestimonial image
Daleen Mooney

"ROCK YOUR LIFE has helped me push forward in a gentle but meaningful way. Trisha has taught me how to allow love back into my life & to actually accept it."

My Shine Day provided many ah-ha moments and a flow of creative, juicy ideas sparkling with self discovery.

Joyce-Hadland Weisenberg

"Best session of the entire conference. Absolutely full of inspirational & practical knowledge. THANK YOU for your brilliance!"

Trisha IS truly a PASSION IGNITER! If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, look no further than Trisha. She engaged our attendees on a level that many had not experienced before. Bravo Trisha - my deepest gratitude.

"Trisha Miltmore is a Passion Igniter & she brought her trademark contagious energy to the Woman Of Worth WOW Conference. Trisha illustrated her trainings with great storytelling and authenticity & she was an absolute pleasure to work with."

"Thank-you for sharing with us your beautiful energy, paradigm-shifting ideas/words and healing modalities. People like you ARE the Shift of Consciousness in action and it is so awesome to see."

“Trisha's ability to present thought provoking and motivational material in an engaging and comedic fashion is a testament to her as a Passion Igniter. You are guaranteed to leave feeling positive and inspired – and also with a stomach ache, from laughing so hard “

"My tattoo says, 'She is clothed in strength & dignity & she laughs without fear of the future'. Trisha exudes the essence of those words & I gain great inspiration from her work."

"A very genuine presentation from a woman who has evolved & walked the walk...which makes her so VALUABLE to all of us walking."

"Thank you for sharing yourself & your wisdom. It has come at an important time for me."

Vicki Vnygaard

"Trisha's keynote was INSIGHTFUL, thought-provoking, funny, generous and EXTREMELY ENGAGING. She brought energy and humour to some tough topics."

"Trisha has a natural ability to build a relationship with her audience. This event enabled us to strengthen relationships with our clients and create new ones. Thank you Trisha!"

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Daniel Dallaire

"Trisha is MASTERFUL in relating to her audience, so they can take away the lesson and GET RESULTS in their lives right away. 
Refreshing, insightful and 

"Thank you for the MIND-BREAK. On the craziest days it really helps to listen to something as uplifting and thought provoking as MOJO MOMENTS. Keep 'em coming!"

"I feel renewed. Thank you for your CREATIVE WISDOM. Yes! This is my time to FLOURISH."

Vancouver Woman in Biz

"Trisha is engaging, ENTERTAINING, speaks from the heart and her passion for being AUTHENTIC is contagious! We look forward to having her connect with more of our attendees at future events."

Julie Nowell
Megan LeBlanc

"I love Trisha's insights, because she helps me find the silver lining in life. It's as though her words are aimed right at my life at that exact moment. She inspires me to be a better woman, wife, mother and friend."

"Wow. AWESOME & INSPIRING presentation."

Jennifer Levers

"Your words of encouragement were inspiring and gracious. Thank you for being so candid with your own life. I will take GREAT things away from your words and apply them to my own life. TRULY FANTASTIC. ”

"I wish EVERYONE could hear you speak! I especially loved "if it feels wrong ~ it is wrong ~ trust your inner voice". Thank you!"