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As a Passion Igniter I teach SOUL CENTRED SUCCESS. Techniques to ignite your passion, strategies to live your purpose and systems to ROCK YOUR LIFE. From full day retreats to one- hour keynotes, for a room of a dozen people to a venue with thousands, all programs are custom tailored for your event and audience needs. Through a pre-event mastermind session I work with you to create a powerful presentation that will connect with your vision, values and goals.

Women Empowerment Summits & Conferences
Success In Business Events
Entrepreneurial Groups
Employee Wellness Retreats (for men & women)
Universities & Colleges
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I adore CREATIVE COLLABORATION. Send us your most fabulous vision and let’s ignite some serious inspiration together.

Below is a list of some of my popular “gigs”. 
All are built on the foundation of connection + clarity + courage + chocolate and a good time. A girls gotta have fun.



Cultivating a corporate culture of soul-centered success. 

When I was left to run our music store for a day at the age of 12 I very quickly learned two things: #1. Being the boss is an empty title when my employees are not inspired by me  (hello. I was 12!) #2 When our people don’t care about what they are doing and WHY they are dong it, our business loses it’s soul. THRIVEN is a multifaceted program to inspire and cultivate soul-centered success amongst your tribe of people.

To ignite and integrate the PASSION of what you do with those who are helping you do it. Be it your business with five people on payroll or a large organization with hundreds of community members. When it comes to reaching goals everything begins and ends with relationships.  The relationships between your frontline people and your customers, the relationships between frontline peeps and middle managers. You get the idea. The real compettive edge is the extent to which your people care. How invested they are in manifesting the grandest vision and, at the same time, taking care of the smallest details. Not because they are told to. Not because it says so in the manual.  Because they know it matters to the organization. And if it matters to the organization it matters to them.  Now that is how the engine of soul-centered success gains momentum.

 In addition to keynote programs and group workshops, I also offer THRIVEN Leadership Training for Executives and business owners.  After all, you can’t teach soul centered success….you have to INSPIRE it.  I can help you with that. Click here for more details.


Strategies to create connection and meaning in the workplace.

Wake up. Check Facebook. Emails. Text messages. Go to work. Get through the day. Come home. Cram as much as you can into the evening. Maybe make dinner. Maybe eat something on the run. Do the family thing. Go to bed. Catch up on texts and Facebook (procrastinate on emails). Wake up. REPEAT.

Even though we have access to powerful tools of “connection” many people today are feeling isolated and STRESSED. The Daily Grind MindSet can be adversely affecting your employee’s job satisfaction and personal well being resulting in dangerous complacency. One of the most powerful ways to reduce complacency is to FOSTER CONNECTION and MEANING in the workplace.  With over 8 hours a day spent “on the job” companies have a unique opportunity to be a space of interpersonal connection and growth. Yet too often this opportunity of engagement is missed.

In this interactive and introspective workshop Trisha will guide you through the common DISCONNECTIONS people face today and how these disconnections impact job-readiness, discretionary effort, attitude and safety in the workplace. In the second half of this session you will be guided through the development and discussion around PRACTICAL connection strategies you can bring back to your organization.

Session Learning Outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of the Common Disconnections affecting todays employee and how a lack of connection and meaning “on the job” and “off the job” affects workers well being and safety.
  • Learning how the Daily Grind MindSet can be so destructive to individual discretionary effort and strategies for leadership to move employee culture from “I have to” à “I get to”.
  • Strategies for increasing CONNECTION & MEANING in the workplace with focus on the training and empowerment of middle management.
  • How to reduce individual complacency via the three LifeTools of Curiosity, Courage and Confidence.
  • MindSet Tweaks for transforming STRESS from a negative drain to a positive source of energy.


How to FLOURISH under FIRE.

Success rocks. It feels good. Gets the MOJO juices rolling. All is awesome. And then….we want more. Goals grow bigger. Stakes get higher. Endless expectations become a sieve for our limited emotional energy. In this workshop I teach the principles of SOUL CENTERED SUCCESS.

Defined as the active expression of your passions and purpose, Soul Centered Success involves the giving of WHO YOU ARE that surpasses the abundance of what you get. You will also learn the ways we SABOTAGE our potential and possibility. Plus I will share my personal RESILIENCY tips to maintain momentum and FLOURISH under fire. YES. YOU. CAN. (Chocolate included).



Ignite your Passion. Live your Purpose. Rock your life. 

Would you like to reach your goals while having FUN, being FABULOUS and truly FLOURISHING at the same time? As a PASSION IGNITER I teach strategies and share my personal stories on how to do just that.

Too often we become disconnected from our passions, purpose and ultimately our personal power. Joy suffers. Fun is forgotten. Yap. Life gets complicated. As determined diva’s of doing it all it is so easy to, amongst the busy, become lost with WHO we are and WHY we are doing what we do. The result? Often pure chaos. And a general sense of OVERWHELM that thwarts opportunity, diminishes creativity and suffocates potential.  Learn tools and techniques to cut through all that CRAZY and reconnect with YOU. Your passions. Your purpose. Cultivate life success based on your priorities. Your expectations. Hold on. It’s a crazy ride of self-reflection and, with an open mind, self-realization.

The soul-centred success SOIREE

An evening workshop for inspired spirits.

When a group of women get together, over chocolate and drinks, and share their personal journeys…something cosmically awesome happens. We learn we are not alone. We draw strength from our combined experiences. Welcome to my SOIREE. The perfect setting for a beautiful evening full of shared stories, womenly wisdom, tips for living in fulfillment and strategies for SOUL-CENTRED SUCCESS.


Pair my other programs with this evening Soiree or offer it on it’s own. Either way, this powerful event brings an unique experience of connection + empowerment that sparks soul-deep inspiration and soul-supporting mind-shifts. Let’s make lasting memories that have your attendees SHINING for days to come. #yeswecan


soul centred success soiree with Trisha Miltimore


Nothing gets my MOJO juices flowing like being a part of the team that ROCKS your event. From on stage to after the show—lets connect on how my work can be of service for you.

PS. I am generous with chocolate. So if you have a sweet tooth…you should hire me.