Do you ever get self-improvement OVERLOAD?

Do you suffer from self development overload?

There are times when I look at my YES YOU CAN frame on my desk and want to tell it to, “FUCK OFF”.

It’s true. I read those three words and, on the days where I feel more frumpy and deflated than fabulous and inspired, I literally want to turn that annoying little frame around, pick up a bag of chocolate almonds and watch Netflix in my comfiest most oversized pj’s for 8 hours straight.


If you have heard me speak you know that my own personal YES YOU CAN movement started when a family friend told me that now one will ever want to listen to me as a speaker (in his own words, “what would YOU have to say?”. Well at 17 I wasn’t sure what I was going to say….I just knew I felt a calling to share stories and inspiration with others.

So….fast forward many many years and sometimes I feel like that 17 year old girl all over again. Some days I don’t feel like I can. Some days I have more fear than faith. Some days I feel more shame than soul-centred success.
Perhaps you have those days too???

The biggest difference between me today and me even 5 years ago is that now I am able to ride the waves of emotion and “stories” better than in the past. I am affected by down days but not infected by them. This has been a defining change in my life experience.

It’s an ongoing process of learning, being, doing and quite frankly getting over my own shit and getting out of my own way.

I hope TODAY is a YES YOU CAN day for you. And if it is not….it’s okay to be with your pain……it’s okay to feel confused/stuck/mad/frustrated….just PLEASE remember to have more faith than fear….tomorrow is a new day of possibility and personal power.

And if you are feeling the doubt is too heavy….READ THIS QUICK ARTICLE (it’s full of tips to keep moving forward).



Header Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

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