If you are an entrepreneur….you need to hear this.

2 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Hear with Trisha Miltimore

ROCK YOUR LIFE *Entrepreneur* TIP.

A solid majority of my clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs in the inspiring/exciting/holy-shit scary start-up stage of their business. For all of you in this often overwhelming stage I would like to share 2 quick tips for managing the emotional roller coaster ride you are most likely currently riding. A roller coaster ride I have personally ridden for many years myself! It can be exhausting, defeating and most certainly not the ROCK YOUR LIFE way. ***there is a better way. trust me. MORE

You don’t have to have it all figured out.

womaninwaterDo you often ask yourself,  “What do I want to do with my life?” or “Is this what and who I am supposed to be?”

Both are dangerous questions because they often lead people down an obsessive and endless path of “needing to know” versus “needing to grow”.

May I suggest a different approach? Stop ASKING yourself what you want to do with your life and start DOING things that will bring you more clarity…a clarity that can only be created by taking action. MORE

Best Of 2015 Tips, Deals + Chris Pine

bstof2015blogimageHow is it even possible that the year went so fast? Facebook showed me a pic of my 3 kids with Santa from a year ago–and like a SLAP in my face I am reminded how quickly they change and grow. Like we all do….even us adults…always evolving and changing and, hopefully, becoming better and better versions of ourselves as we gracefully age (some days better than others right?). 

So in the spirit of nostalgia and the New Year Season I would love to share with you my 3 FAV articles of 2015. MORE

Jack Canfield + Robin Sharma + Lisa Nichols = ROCK YOUR LIFE Wisdom.

ROCK YOUR LIFE Wisdom via Trisha Miltimore


Whew. What a crazy three months in my world. We sold our house, moved into a 1100 sq. foot apartment (six of us) and built a new home. It was a test of endurance….how much chaos was I able to put up with? I learned a lot about letting go, managing expectations of perfection, being present, embracing gratitude, following my gut (YES! the island DID need to be moved over 6 inches) and lots more. I’m exhausted. And excited. MORE

Are you for-real grateful?

Gratitude tips with Trisha Miltimore


Rocking GRATITUDE in our adult lives is key to truly flourishing (and having more fun). Fulfillment, positive relationships, confidence, compassion and purpose are all attracted into our lives when we practice the habit of being grateful. Dr. Caron Goode says that, “Grateful people are happier, more resilient, and less depressed.”

It all sounds so EASY right? Of course it does.
It’s damn easy to be HAPPY and GRACIOUS when times are good–when we are getting what we want and feeling satisfied and uplifted as a result.


But how do you react when things go awry? When you are disappointed? When you are hurt, angry or rejected? It is in these moments when we really need to SHINE our light of gratitude. To own the experience, learn from it and move forward. MORE

Trusting the Transition

Trust the Transition via Trisha Miltimore www.passionigniter.ca


How many times have you found yourself in a position of change….forced upon by life circumstances or instigated by personal choices…that have left you dazed, confused and unsure of the why’s behind ANY OF IT.

Life junctions, plagued by emotional turbulence and unrelenting thinking marathons, that leave both the body and mind exhausted.

The break up. Found love.

The lost job. The new job.

Challenges in health.  The weight of time.