You don’t have to have it all figured out.

womaninwaterDo you often ask yourself,  “What do I want to do with my life?” or “Is this what and who I am supposed to be?”

Both are dangerous questions because they often lead people down an obsessive and endless path of “needing to know” versus “needing to grow”.

May I suggest a different approach? Stop ASKING yourself what you want to do with your life and start DOING things that will bring you more clarity…a clarity that can only be created by taking action. MORE

determination. destiny. & waving the white flag.

Trisha Miltimore

some days I wonder where I am going. 

Today I feel this overwhelming and suffocating combination of grit, determination, exhaustion, excitement, lethargy and….confusion. Today is “one of those days”.

You know I talk a lot about clarity and how important it is to Soul-Centred Success. Some days I am not clear at all. Some days I say FUCK gratefulness and affirmations and self-love and instead I buy a bag of chocolate covered almonds and I eat every single one of those high calorie nuggets of momentary satisfaction.

Clarity, like emotions, comes in waves. I am floating on the surface letting the waves take me where I need to go.  MORE

And we have lift off. Welcome to


I’m back! And DAMN it feels good.

Welcome to my new digital home. Full of ignited inspiration and whole lotta YES.YOU.CAN energy. Take a peak and let me know what you think. Peruse my ROCK YOUR LIFE, BIZ and DEEPER MOJO blog writings. Check out my juicy new SHINE Strategy-Day Getaway. PLUS if you are a woman creating a unique product I want to feature you as a MOJO MAKER and promote your innovative awesomeness.

This website is a digital representation of everything I stand for. CLARITY. COURAGE. INNOVATION. EVOLUTION. And FUN. MORE

SHINING from The DARKNESS- a transformation of life energy.


Darkness and it’s accompanying shades of grey (sadness, loneliness, frustration) flows slowly and covers completely. A heavy blanket of misunderstandings judged as failings, defeats. Wrongs.

We are all visited by Darkness-at one point or another. How it comes to visit doesn’t matter.  It does not require to be warranted. Darkness is darkness. And it can feel insurmountable. Absolutely overwhelming. Powerfully contagious. Infecting all aspects of your being leaving a trail of confusion and loss.

So there she sits. Tears flowing. Harshly judging her Darkness. Unknowingly inviting it’s energy to further feed on her soul. Long breath. Soft weeping. MORE

This too shall pass.


When my heart is longing. Hurting. Sulking. Broken.

This too shall pass.

I am capable of healing. 
Tending to my wounds with self-empathy and MORE

Wanting VS Embracing–alternate paths to your ultimate desires.



The remedy for a non-ailment. The solution to short and long-term whims and desires.

Wanting is an empty promise for something more. A never-ending escalator to a non-existent top floor where life is better, happier, complete and fulfilled.

Wanting feels most comfortable in the arena of expectation.  Focused on the future.  Reaching for the next level. MORE



I’m sorry I haven’t spent more time with you lately. Past keeps hounding me for attention and Future seems to steal my free time. Life has been busy–more than that, my PERSPECTIVE has been busy. My mind is always working overtime on everything I need to do next instead of just collecting my crazy and slowing down to spend some quality time with you. All I know is that when I am in your company–when I am 100% authentically connected to the here and now–I feelRENEWED. I so value your CLARITY. I am very grateful for our connection. MORE