Doubts are OK. Stop Being So Hard On Yourself!

trisha miltimore

The other day I was chatting with a young woman who is at the very beginnings of her entrepreneurial career. She was frustrated with the fact that others around her were getting opportunities while she was being passed up. Her discouragement was tangible. Her heart was heavy.

I asked her if being passed up for opportunities was actually giving her the space to create her own.


Stalking is not a strategy.

Stalking the Competition is Not a Strategy


It’s so easy to become exhaustingly immersed in the perceived on-goings of your competition.  Following their Facebook Page, tweets, advertising campaigns, market involvement and cross-customer feedback all provide useful information. In many ways, these activities of new-age obsessiveness are effective tools.  Understanding competitors marketing methods and analyzing creative strategies they are employing offers insights into how they are, or are not, playing the industry game. MORE

Gratitude for PURPOSE


I stared blankly at the parking meter wondering if I in fact had to pay on a Saturday. It had been a chaotic morning getting my three young girls to my moms so I could “sneak” away to do some work at a local coffee shop. And now, after two solid hours of mommy multitasking, I was feeling agitated.

My hands cold from the brisk temperature I fumbled with my change.

“Do you have any spare change?” a soft voice asked me.

I quickly shoved my VISA into my wallet, closed it, while answering, “No. I don’t.”

“Okay. Thanks anyway.” the woman politely answered. She was in her mid 40’s dressed in blue jeans, an 80’s style pink sweater and a dirty light denim jean jacket.

I DID have change. My heart sagged with guilt. Frustration. Compassion. MORE

There is NO Wagon. Seriously.

There is NO Wagon.Lean in nice and close. I have a secret to share.


Yap. That whole “getting back on the wagon” ideology is a thought construct that provides nothing more than procrastination, stalling, excuses, lack of momentum and a “stuck in a hamster wheel” kind of habitual way of living. Can you relate? MORE

Best Of 2015 Tips, Deals + Chris Pine

bstof2015blogimageHow is it even possible that the year went so fast? Facebook showed me a pic of my 3 kids with Santa from a year ago–and like a SLAP in my face I am reminded how quickly they change and grow. Like we all do….even us adults…always evolving and changing and, hopefully, becoming better and better versions of ourselves as we gracefully age (some days better than others right?). 

So in the spirit of nostalgia and the New Year Season I would love to share with you my 3 FAV articles of 2015. MORE

THE HOLIDAYS: 3 Tips for ENJOYING the festive ride.


The Holidays. Busy shopping malls, cheesy festive music, the hauling of decorations from spider ridden areas of the house, snow, snow angels, winter driving, frost on windows, cold hands, drippy noses. What does the experience of The Holiday mean to you? Perhaps warm feelings of nostalgic traditions, hot chocolate with marshmallows, candy canes, weight gain and oh yes….NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. MORE