Who I Am

ABOUT TRISHA [vintage style]

Trisha Miltimore is an International Speaker, Confidence Coach and Stress Consultant inspiring others to reach SOUL CENTRED SUCCESS. As a momma of three and multi-biz owner, Trish knows first hand the hardships and privileges of PURSUING YOUR PASSION including what it takes to ignite and maintain an attitude of success. A curator of CURIOSITY + COURAGE Trisha teaches proven LifeTool Strategies to reach your goals and FLOURISH at the same time. Her down-to-earth style is refreshing. Her messages are clear, practical and transformational. A profound storyteller, Trisha empowers thousands to MANIFEST MOMENTUM via a BEAUTIFUL BOLD BLEND of inspiration & personal insights.

SPECIALTIES: Custom Program Development, Confidence Coaching, Stress Consulting, Empowered People Management. Keynote and Workshop High-Energy/Impact Speaker.

in my words.
[quirks. qualities. quests.]



You have passion. Perhaps it needs to be released, renewed or rediscovered. My life work is helping you to discover your own AUTHENTIC FULFILLMENT. To experience success beyond your title and self-limiting stories.

I work with individuals, companies and organizations to help create custom programs and strategic systems to increase people engagement and excitement. This process involves social innovation and creative collaboration (two of my favourite things). The bottom line always wins. But more importantly the individual sense of purpose and power flourishes. WIN. WIN. Big time.

I am a MENTOR.
I live my life accordingly (some days better than others).

I am an ENTREPRENEUR._MHP9369_copy
Creating success and taking exciting chances is oh-so addictive. I need my fix often.  I get it via entrepreneurial adventures including my biz Contagious Leadership Training and companies I am partners in such as Riversong Guitars.  My advice for anyone seeking to create a business is simply this, “TAKE ACTION.” Be relentless. Be resilient. Be adaptable. Go get ’em Tiger.

I can help you create what you say you want. Click here for info on my GET SPARKED Products.

From  keynote addresses to intimate and powerful workshops–this work called me. I am eternally grateful to be invited on stage. It is a privilege.

I have a MISSION.
To empower you to BELIEVE + LIVE a confident and less stressful life experience.

Our kids NEED US to live this way. 

I teach personal strength & resiliency. Self-love is simply not enough.

I love FOOD.
I eat. 80/20 rule. Nutrients over calories. Chocolate is a food group.

I grew up with ROCKSTARS.
Well. At least they thought they were. And what you believe is what you experience. (we own a music store).

I am a WOMAN.
I am as vulnerable as I am courageous and a complicated work in progress (just ask my husband).

I’m on a journey of EVOLUTION.
It’s a crazy ass ride. Join me.